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44th Annual Southeastern Consortium for Dermatology

November 12-14, 2021
Virtual Program

Hosted by Emory University

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Poster Abstract Submission

Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest- Click here to download

Call for Abstracts

The Board of Directors (BOD) of the Southeastern Consortium for Dermatology (SECDerm) invites medical students, residents and fellows to submit abstracts in two distinct categories (research and clinical) for review and selection for presentation at the 44th Annual Southeastern Consortium for Dermatology. Abstracts for submission are due by Friday, October 8th, 2021 at 11:59PM.

Research Submissions:

Original clinical and investigative laboratory research projects will be considered within the research category. Appropriate submissions should report the results of hypothesis-driven original research with the intent of expanding knowledge. Research can involve collection and analysis of data from a verity of different sources, including questionnaires, observation, sampling, experimentation, etc… Research using human subjects, even if it is simply verifying existing hypotheses, theses, theories, or ideas, is considered original research. A description of the type of study that was done (i.e. case-control, cohort, cross-sectional, randomized controlled trial, etc.) should be included in the Methods section. Appropriate submission should represent a substantial effort by the authors to examine an important basic or clinical question in dermatology.  Case series and novel case reports will not be eligible for submission to the “original research” category of competition.

Clinical Case Submissions:

Clinical cases appropriate for consideration should focus on common diseases with unusual facets or unusual diseases with attendant teaching value. The selected presentations should follow a logical order and include patient history, biopsies, laboratory data, diagnosis and treatment. High quality clinical and microscopic photographs are essential.

  1. Guidelines for the Submission of Abstracts
    1. Abstract submissions are due no later than Friday, October 8th, 2021 at 11:59PM.
    2. At least one author of the abstract must be a Dermatology resident, fellow, medical student or faculty member of the SEC to be eligible for poster submission and award. It is preferred that the work presented in the poster was carried out at one of the SEC institutions.
    3. Only one abstract per first author may be submitted
    4. Authors should determine whether their abstract is being submitted in the Research or Clinical
    5. Abstracts:
      1. Use the formal abstract form provided.
      2. Please read closely the Conflict of Interest statement
        1. Authors without conflicts of interest may indicate so on the abstract submission form and proceed without formally completing the expanded Conflict of Interest document
        2. Authors with potential conflicts of interest should submit the attached Conflict of Interest and Disclosures form. Files should be saved as “FirstAuthorLastName_FirstAuthorFirstName_SEC2021_COI”
  • Please complete the statement with regards to formal patient consent provided for any identifiable photographs.
  1. On the first line, type the title of the abstract in capital letters flush with the left margin of the block.
  2. On the next line, include the full names of all authors and their institutional affiliations, cities, states, and countries (if outside the United States).
  3. If submitting a Research abstract:
    1. Please submit a statement on the abstract form indicating what role the first author had in creating the protocol/methods and collecting, analyzing and reporting the results
    2. Then state the specific objective(s) of the study, the methods used, the results, and the conclusion on the abstract form provided.
  • If submitting a Clinical abstract:
    1. Please provide brief background, the prime teaching objective of the case, the clinical case details, and a brief discussion.
  • List any acknowledgements
  1. The entire abstract should not exceed 200 words
  2. All information must be typed in English. Single-space all typing.  If possible, use typing font Garamond, size 12.
  3. Standard abbreviations may be used. Explain nonstandard abbreviations in parentheses when first used.
  • Only generic/scientific names should be used for drugs, devices and/or instrumentation.  Trade names should not be used.
  • File should be saved as a Word Document and named as follows: “FirstAuthorLastName_FirstAuthorFirstName_SEC2021_Abstract_Research” OR “FirstAuthorLastName_FirstAuthorFirstName_SEC2021_Abstract_Clinical”
  • Submit the abstract electronically via email to
  1. Posters:
    1. Clinical and research abstracts will be reviewed by representatives of the SEC BOD or designee
    2. First authors of selected abstracts will be informed by Wednesday, October 15th regarding whether their abstract has been selected for the conference
  • For both clinical and research abstracts, selected authors will then be asked to submit an accompanying poster for presentation at the SEC
    1. Posters should be as informative as possible with elaboration of detail provided in the abstract
    2. High quality clinical and microscopic photographs are essential.
    3. Conflicts of interest and relevant financial disclosures should be clearly stated on the poster.
    4. File should be saved as a PDF with as follows: “FirstAuthorLastName_FirstAuthorFirstName_Poster”
    5. Posters will then be due on Monday, October 25th at 11:59pm.
    6. Submit the poster PDF electronically via email to
  1. Presentation
    1. Clinical posters will be available for on-demand reading by attendees of the SEC
    2. The authors of Research posters will be asked to pre-record a 2-minute video presentation that accompanies their poster
      1. Further details regarding submission specifications for these recordings will be communicated at a later date
    3. Judging
      1. Representatives from the SEC BOD will determine the best and runner-up Research posters.
        1. Research Posters will be judged based on the following criteria:
          1. Originality:  Posters should present new ideas and original observations worthy of sharing with attendees at the SEC Annual Meeting (5 points).
          2. Research design and innovation. (5 points)
          3. Research analysis of study data as well as potential applicability to clinical medicine in the future (5 points)
          4. Conciseness (5 points)
          5. Presentation Quality (5 points)
        2. Representatives from the SEC BOD will also determine the “SEC Case of the Year” from the Clinical posters submitted. Clinical cases will be evaluated for their originality, educational value, and presentation clarity.
        3. Conference attendees will vote to select the “People’s Choice – Case of the Year” from the Clinical posters.

III. Prizes: Awards will be given to the first authors of the following four categories:

  1. Best Research Poster: $150
  2. Runner-up Research Poster: $100
  3. Best Clinical Poster, as selected by the BOD: $150
  4. “People’s Choice” Clinical Poster, as selected by Conference Attendees: $100