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43rd Annual Southeastern Consortium for Dermatology

October 4 – 6, 2019
Durham Convention Center | Durham, NC

Hosted by Duke University

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Poster Exhibit

Click Here to download the formal abstract form

Deadline for submission will be Friday October 1, 2021

I.  Guidelines for the Submission of Posters

A.      Poster submissions are due no later than one month prior to the meeting.

B.      At least one author of the poster must be a Dermatology resident, fellow, medical student or faculty member of the SEC to be eligible for poster submission and award. It is preferred that the work presented in the poster was carried out at one of the SEC institutions.

C.      Only one poster per first author may be submitted

D.      Posters should be as informative as possible.  

E.       Abstracts:

1.      Use the formal abstract form provided.

2.      On the first line, type the title of the abstract in capital letters flush with the left margin of the block.

3.      On the next line, include the full names of all authors and their institutional affiliations, cities, states, and countries (if outside the United States).  

4.      All financial relationships and disclosures should be clearly displayed on your poster.

5.      State the specific objective(s) of the study, the methods used, the results, and the conclusion on the abstract form provided.

6.      End the abstract with acknowledgments, if any.

7.      The entire abstract should not exceed 200 words and should fit in the space provided.

8.      All information must be typed in English. Single-space all typing.  If possible, use typing font Arial 12. 

9.      Standard abbreviations may be used. Explain nonstandard abbreviations in parentheses when first used.   

10.    Only generic/scientific names should be used for drugs, devices and/or instrumentation.  Trade names should not be used.

11.    Submit the abstract electronically via email to

D.      A PDF of the entire poster should be submitted with the Abstract.

E.       Authors should indicate whether their poster is being submitted as a clinical, clinical research or basic science research poster. If submitting a research poster, please submit a statement indicating what role the first author had in creating the protocol/methods and collecting, analyzing and reporting the results. The assignment of subcategory may be reclassified by the Chairman of the meeting or his/her designee.

F.       First authors are asked to stand by their posters during the breaks in the meeting Friday and Saturday and be prepared to answer questions

II. Judging

A.   For presentation at the meeting:  The posters will be judged by the SEC Steering Committee representatives of each of the participating institutions or by their proxy if they are unable to do so.  Graders from an institution may not grade posters from their institution.  Poster submissions will be sent in groups of 25 to 3 graders each. The mean of scores will determine the top 50 for presentation at the meeting.

1.       Criteria

a.        Originality:  Posters should present new ideas and original observations worthy of sharing with attendees at the Southeastern Consortium Annual Meeting (5 points). 

b.       For clinical posters:  Posters should have an immediate teaching point(s) that will help advance patient care (5 points).

c.        For research posters (clinical or basic science):  Posters should demonstrate the first author’s key involvement in the research conduct and analysis of study data as well as potential applicability to clinical medicine in the future (5 points)

d.       Presentation: Posters should be well organized and thought out.  Clarity and conciseness are key (5 points).

  1. At the meeting, further grading will determine final prizes

III. Prizes: Based on point scoring.  These will be awarded at the Sunday morning session:  we appreciate poster presenters being present for the Awards. Awards will be given to the first author of the

1.     Best research poster: $150

2.   Best clinical poster  $150

3.   Runner-up best poster: $100

4.     Runner-up best poster: $100